Posted by: Jack | February 8, 2010

Online shopping? Out here, it’s a necessity…

Now I know that I don’t live in the middle of nowhere, however, as some of you may know, in Wales people are few and far between and the same goes for where I am. I’m not a shopping nut or anything but being a student, other than studying the whole time I need other things to keep me occupied, although only if I have a few spare quid. The town’s high street is little more than half a dozen shops, which some may say is adequate, which it is, just it doesn’t have everything. Honestly, this place is so far away from any big towns/cities that I’m suprised that we even get post everyday!

Therefore the ability to buy things across the internet is a blessing. Sure it may be old films that I got off for £1.99 each (of which I then discover why they are such a low price when I start to watch them), or a dog-eared book off of Amazon which I know will be in a sorry state but then the joys of receiving post as a student makes me forget all this when I tear open the parcel, but I’m sure it’s something that most of us take for granted from time to time.

Plus, Welsh sports stores are not going to be the biggest stocker of England Rugby shirts, and seeing as its the Six Nations at the moment, I had to buy myself an England shirt to wear while watching the match so the interweb was my first and only choice. Although I hope I don’t upset any of the locals, they take it really serious out here…


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