Posted by: Jack | February 10, 2010

What were people thinking?

I’ve stumbled across this old Chevrolet Corvette commercial from 1984, and my jaw literally fell to the floor. What were people thinking when they decided to make this advert!? Sure, it’s from the 1980s, but boy is it cheesy. I mean, the lasers, smoke and the epic singing in the background, I know that’s probably all that they had to work with back then but come on! It gave me a bit of a giggle as it sort of portrayed the Corvette as the sort of car that someone would come back from the future in (granted having a Corvette instead of a DeLorean, would have made Back to the Future slighty more enjoyable). Will adverts of this caliber ever make a return to our screens? I sincerely hope not.

Would I have one of these cars? Damn straight I would.

(Also I do enjoy cars so there maybe some more entries on them in the future!)


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