Posted by: Jack | February 23, 2010

Sometimes it all just gets a little too much

Unfortunately I haven’t added to this blog in over a week, which I am sorry about because I really want it to be a consistent and regular thing but the past two weeks increased in hectic-ness. The only thing that is consistent around here is the supply of homework I get from teachers! Then there’s a whole host of bigger assignments coming up that need to be completed, meetings, important documents to sort out, feeling ill AHHHHHH ! Sometimes these sorts of moments in life can be a bit overwhelming and I’m starting to feel like I can’t keep up with it all. Coupled with the thought that the nearest people who care about you are over 200 miles away, it’s not great at keeping your spirits up. Life always seems to want to test you, to see how resilient you are and how you cope under certain pressures. I think life is testing me a bit longer than the average person at the moment!

I know what you’re thinking, which is “Jack, life is not a person who is trying your patience, that’s just life,” and yes you are right. Bad things just have a habit of being attracted to each other, so one problem becomes five at the worst possible time imaginable! I’m really sorry I used this first blog post in over a week just for a bit of a whinge/moan/rant, normal service should resume once I get rid of this cold, toothache and my ever-increasing mountain of work!!

Maybe some more old cheesy adverts might cheer me up 🙂


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