Posted by: Jack | February 27, 2010

Surrounded by political critics

As we all can see with the upcoming General Election in the next few months, politics is abuzz, it’s constantly filling up news channels and is splashed across the front of most newspapers (unless something new has happened to Cheryl Cole). Don’t get me wrong, being a student of politics this is all very interesting and intriguing to me what is going on in the UK political arena. However, there seems to be this increasing tendency where if there are ever 2 or more people within the proximity of something political being reported in the media; one or more of the people involved will explode into a raging barrage of insults, slander and arguments against whats being reported. Is it just me or have most of the population been infected with an extreme case of political criticism? Maybe I’m just at the epicentre of public critique. Being passionate is one thing, but I never feel inclined to defend the view of politicians, whereas some people take things of this nature very personally just as if someone insulted their mother. It’s ok, politicians are all big boys and girls and can look after themselves.

I came to this university to study politics because I wanted to study and learn in its Department of International Politics! So why must people in classes always bring in issues of domestic politics and why Gordon Brown is an idiot, almighty Satan etc. when they also decided to come and study international politics!? If I wanted to hear the deranged opinion of a ‘jumping on the band-wagon’ student conservative supporter, then I would have gone to a university with a department that ISN’T based on international relations.

In my opinion, the repetitiveness of the constant assault against each other’s parties has left me slightly dissatisfied with UK politics. I’m sick of other politicians jumping in after policy proposals are put forward, trying to cloud the judgement of the public who try to make sense of it. Maybe I’m just too neutral in my standing, perhaps that’s how things are meant to work; everyone picking a side even if there are certain things you don’t agree with it on. However I’ve always thought that by not tying myself down to a political party, I’m more open-minded and am able to examine things clearer without having to sign my voice away before it has even spoken up.

“If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend” – Abraham Lincoln.

Well after all that I couldn’t really put up a quote by a UK politician now could I?


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