Posted by: Jack | March 17, 2010

Things going downhill for the hyper-president?

Looking over the last year or so, it seems that Sarkozy’s magic touch on the international scene, and even arguably in his own domestic sphere, seems to be waning. I’ve always been an avid fan of Nicolas Sarkozy ever since I was made to follow the French Presidential elections of 2007 as a project for my french class. I’m quite sure nobody else in my class of approximately 6 people were as intrigued as I was, but this was essentially the first foreign election that I had ever watched and came to understand. I remember it seeming that this election was going to be very close, which made Sarkozy’s victory look even greater. However over the past year it appears that he may be losing his flair. In contrast to 2008, where France took over the rotating presidency of the EU and the famous actions of the French president heading out to Georgia during the South Ossetia conflict and establishing diplomatic agreements and a ceasefire. His adoration by the media and his popularity overseas made Nicolas Sarkozy a force to be reckoned with. Nevertheless, the disappointing failure of the Copenhagen Climate Conference last year blighted Sarkozy’s standing. This summit gave France a chance to put out admirable ideas and targets when the conference lacked guidance. In the end, even after arriving later than the other delegations, it was left to Obama to save any chance of progress even if it was on a bilateral basis.

More recently, France’s regional elections look like they are going to be bad for the President and his party, UMP. In opposition, the Parti Socialiste after the first round of voting has quite a few safe regions whereas for the UMP it is uncertain, especially when considering that Front National has anything up to 12% of the first round vote. Adding to the disconcerting mix; the fiasco last year with Sarkozy’s son and his bid to run La Defense business district in Paris. Plus falling popularity statistics for Nicolas Sarkozy do not make for an encouraging outlook. Unless something spectacular can be done to turn around his situation within the next two years, then it seems that France’s 2012 elections may be looking at a change of administration or perhaps just a dwindling second term as President. Also, seeing as I bought one of his biographies/political books for a pound when inside its marked for 20, book sales can not be doing well! End on a positive note though. His wife, Carla Bruni? Sarkozy is the man.


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